Special Projects

In addition to our regular programs, the Cottleville Firefighters Outreach have also accomplished some meaningful projects in our community. Click on the pictures to learn more about each work.

McAuley Playground

We fundraised for two years to support the McAuley Playground, built in 2017 and located in Cottleville.


Storm cleanups

We have assisted local families with debris cleanup and home repairs following damaging storms.


Liberty Swing

We donated a wheelchair swing to our community in 2011. It is located in Legacy Park, Cottleville.


Bulletin Board

In September 2018, we donated and installed a bulletin board in Legacy Park.


Caroline's Cart

We donated these unique shopping carts to benefit special needs families in our community.


Park Cleanups

We have lead cleanup days in local parks and streets, the most recent occurring during the summer of 2018.