Cottleville Firefighters Outreach is looking for our next Firefighter For a Day! See below for details!

Since fall of 2002, we have had 7 young firefighters complete this program:

  • Nealy Nicolay

  • Brendan Myers

  • Kaleb Smith

  • Hannah Smith

  • Luke Rudloff

  • Jeremiah Wheeldon

  • Zach Hardin

Each participant was struggling with a medical condition or life difficulty that severely impacted their well being. For one special day, they joined our crews to experience the work life of a firefighter. A routine day consists of performing exciting tasks with Cottleville Firefighters including: performing truck and equipment checks, wearing firefighting gear, using an SCBA, spraying water from firefighting appliances, climbing the tower ladder truck, touring the fire stations and riding on the firetruck. Aside from these tasks, our young firefighters are also treated to lunch with the crew, a personalized fire helmet and a certificate of achievement.

We are always looking for candidates for our next firefighter for a day. We attempt to customize the day’s events to fit the physical and mental abilities of the child to give them the best experience possible. If you are the parent or guardian of a child that is facing significant challenges and live or work in the Cottleville Fire Protection District and would like to inquire about the program please contact us using the link below.